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Introduction  简介

Established in 2009, Jiahua Language School provides both English and Mandarin instruction in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Starting out as a small school in 2009 with a total staff of 12 employees Jiahua has since more than tripled in size and now employees over 30 teachers from the USA, Canada, South Africa, and China. Jiahua has enrolled thousands of satisfied students through our English and Mandarin programs, and have students from over 47 different countries. With Jiahua’s help, English students have since immigrated to native English speaking countries, gotten jobs in foreign companies, and received promotions at work. Mandarin students have been able to adjust to life in China and can now communicate clearly with their employers and employees. Jiahua is committed to providing all the language learning needs that Chinese and foreigners living in Shenzhen require.

加华语言学校成立于 2009 年广东深圳,是一家专业的英语和汉语培训机构。成立初期只有 12 名教学员工,如今学校已扩展 3 倍,拥有包括美国,加拿大,南非和中国等各种国籍的 30 名教师。我们为超过 47 个不同国家的学生提供优质的教学环境与设备,营造多元化的语言学习环境。在加华老师的专业语言帮助下,英语部的学生们留学海外,成功找到工作甚至得到晋升。而中文部的外国学生们,则在学习后能与他们的雇主 或雇员用汉语自由交流。加华始终致力于深圳本地专业有效的语言培训,满足中国与外国学生的需求。

Our Clients Included 我们的客户包括:

Our Advantages  我们的优势
1.  Personalized materials for the companies individual needs  量身定制的培训教材
2.  Flexible scheduling 人性化的培训安排
3.  Experience teaching for companies in different industries 经验与行业背景丰富的企培教师
4.  All teachers have business experience of their own 企培教师均有不同程度的商业履历
5.  Most English teachers can speak conversational Mandarin  大部分外籍教师能用汉语交流

Case Study – Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport

案例分析 –  深圳宝安国际机场
We became the English training provider for the frontline staff in Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport in 2010. After the first 50 hours training, they then extend the contract to another 50 hours. On March 2011, we were chosen to be their English instructor for other departments, in order to prepare them for the Shenzhen Universiade.

从 2010 年起,我们为宝安国际机场前线工作人员提供专业的英语培训。在第一次签下的 50 小时培训结束后,对方延长了培训周期至 100 小时。同时,为迎接 2011 年的深圳大运会,我们还为机场其他部门的提供英语培训。

We were able to design a specific outline based on the airport industry materials. This outline and our teaching methodology are to enable the staff to apply their knowledge on their job, therefore improve their job performance and efficiency.


After the training finished, our trainer would conduct a comprehensive test on each other student. We then submitted a detailed report to their HR/Training department, who were very satisfied with our training result.


Apart from the usual English lessons, we also offered free extra-curriculum activities for the Airport students. We arranged Monthly English corners for their staff at Jiahua, and also set up a study group(http://www.jiahuaschool.com/group/airport) in our website. When the students miss a class due to their work schedule, he/she would be able to find the class content/materials on the website.


Your Requirement  您的需求
1. 主要培训口语交流能力,课程以日常生活话题和文化话题为主;办公邮件写作能力;
2. 每周上 2 次课,共 4 个课时,每次上课 2 小时;
3. 培训周期为 2-4 个月,1 或者 2 外教配合教学。

Our Proposal  我们的培训倡议
1. Set up an appointment with your school, and level testing for all the students. We will bring at least one of our corporate trainers for you to interview, and he/she will also spend a certain amount of time talking to the all the students. The teacher will determine their levels, and further understand your requirement of this training. Once finished, we will decide the actual training schedule and arrangement.


2. Create your own course outline: Based on our previous meeting, we will have a general idea about what your students need and how the training should be laid out. The designed outline will include class topics, lesson focus and a list of materials that will be used. We will not proceed with classes until you are 100% satisfied with this curriculum.


3. Attendance: As the training starts, our teachers will keep careful records of participant attendance. Our attendance forms are submitted to you at the end of each month, or on a special request of yours at any time. This will help you oversee the training progress, and keep track of each student’s performance.
跟踪培训出勤率: 培训开始后,老师将对学生进行出勤记录;并于每月底,或贵司规定时间内上交出勤表。这能帮助您了解培训进度,以及观察每个学生的表现。

4. Follow-up, evaluation and feedback: During the course, our teacher will give you constant feedback on the students ‘ progress – who is doing well, who is studying hard, who is not, etc.We can also provide monthly testing and a final exam for you. These tests can be oral and written, and afterwards we can tell you what they have learned and where they are.
在培训期间,老师将会定期为您反映学生的表现- 谁表现较好,谁认真学习,谁偷懒, 等等。
我们可以提供每月的学习跟踪报告,以及期末测评。 考试的形式从口语到书写,同时我们将以详细的报告形式反馈学生的总体学习情况。

5. Materials: As far as materials that we use in class, we have various books we can use, PPTs, and other original materials on file that will be suitable for your staff. We understand you have your own training materials, so our teachers will familiarized with these materials, and add useful knowledge along with the training.
教材方面, 我们有各种教科书,PPT 资料以及加华老师们研发的教材。在电话中,我们了解到贵司有自己的培训教材,我们会根据您的需要,熟悉教材内容并适当的拓展有用的之知识领域。

6. In addition: We provide free English corners, Grammar, Pronunciation, writing classes for all the students at weekends.

Some pictures from our activities and parties 部分活动 和派对的相片